I am a rugby player. I am a coach. I am a rugby fan.

This blog is about my love for the game, my travels, my friends and my experiences in this world both as a coach or simple fan.

I begun coaching Rugby few years ago, when an injury put an end to my playing days. I first turned into a team manager for my former squad, but I soon realised that I was missing the field badly. I wanted more. I needed more. This is why I turned into a coach. I felt the need to learn more about the game and to pass my knowledge to others, so my first experience has been with mini-Rugby. In the meantime I attended to FIR (Italian Rugby Union) coaching courses and qualified as Second Level Coach.

In the 2007/2008 season I faced the most difficult task in my Rugby career: coaching a male Under 15 team. It has been a great, and at the same time, wearying experience: I learnt a lot and I hope – and I know – I have passed something to my players too.

But this part of my rugby life is over now, along with my career in my old club where I took my first steps in rugby both as player and coach, and where I leave some very good friends behind.

After a well-deserved sabbatical I think, perhaps, I recharged my batteries enough and I am ready to give something to others again.

So I started to look for a new place in this world… apparently I had to come back home to start it all over again in the local rugby club of my hometown… A new adventure begins…

Fiorenza Preda

…”Ka Mate, Ka Mate! Ka Ora, Ka Ora!”… “Tis death! ‘tis death! ’Tis life! ‘tis life!”


Get Fuzzy


  1. Fiore sei proprio tu? Un blog in lingua inglese… geniale. E con che titolo!
    Purtroppo, come sai, io non ho conoscenza dell’inglese e non posso goderne… però ti auguro un gran successo di visite e considerazione.


  2. Great blog, really interesting… going to add it to my blog roll. Good stuff.

    Wanted to email you this but can’t find a way of doing it…

    is there any chance you could put a post up about this rugby charity event I am trying to raise awareness for?


    If not, fair enough, just really want to raise the profile as much as possible!

    Thanks either way


  3. Hi Nick, thanks for your visit.
    I’ll put this up asap. (I asked Giorgia to copy her own post, because I’m a lazy prop!).
    I’ll also add your blog in my blogroll too. 😉
    Please come back again and leave some comments every now and then. 😀

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