Posted by: fiore | September 12, 2011

A World in Union

Few months have passed since my last post on this blog, but as the 2011 Rugby World Cup kicked off last Friday, 09th September, I cannot neglect it any more.

I’m not going to write about the beautiful opening ceremony in Auckland, or the New Zealand v Tonga (41-10) inaugural game, or the brave performance of Japan v France (21-47), and I’m not even going to talk about the narrow or laborious victories of some big names with the underdogs (Scotland v Romania 34-24; Argentina v England 9-13; Ireland v USA 22-10; Australia v Italy 32-6; South Africa v Wales 17-16).

No, today I want to talk about the people and the true spirit of this incredible beautiful game and its World Cup.

I’m lucky enough to have been to rugby games in different countries, Scotland, England, Australia, France, and – as Italian supporter –  most of the time just being a part of the event was my reward for the long journey: the joyful crowd, the chants, the friendly atmosphere. Well, think all of this multiplied by 1000, enhanced by the Spirit of the World Cup.

On one side, people travelling from the four corners of the world, mixing together in a happy melting pot, showing their true colours, making new friends; on the other side, locals  – in this case New Zelanders –  adopting one country or another, supporting all the teams during the games… but of course as far as the Allblacks aren’t around… 😉

I still have to find another sport in the world with such a true fellowship feeling: to me, this is the real meaning of a… World in Union.

A World in Union: Rugby fans from Japan, Samoa and New Zealand happily together at 2011 RWC

A Scotland supporter surrounded by Romania-supporting schoolchildren from Invercargill's Middle School


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