Posted by: fiore | February 14, 2011

How can it be?

My fat plant

I really don’t undestand how, the previous week Italy was able to play a good game with Ireland, and the following week they lose poorly by England.
I don’t undestand even how Scotland, after a respectable performance with France the previous Saturday, can collapse at Murrayfield (!!!) with Wales.
Again, Ireland played a decent game with France yesterday losing, while they played cr*p with Italy and won.
And how is it that England win by the skin of their teeth with Wales in the first round and then turn Italy into mincemeat for their ragรน bolognese?
For sure England display has been impressive. A friend, who’s a top coach in Italy sent me a text in which he said “…and we’re not even playing too bad!!”. Simply England was from a different planet while the Azzurri weren’t able to react and let them doing whatever they pleased. Playing a game just defending is a rugby suicide, and, guess what? We’re very good at it.
Anyway, at half time I went transplanting some fat plants….



  1. I’m sure you’ll probably write something about the Italy v France game, but I couldn’t wait to say congratulations! We’re so pleased that Italy took that win today – you could probably hear us shouting all the way from London!

    Anna x

  2. Thanks Anna (and girlz)!
    Perhaps… did you hear me shouting back from Milan too? :-))))))
    Simply overwhelming… I’m speechless.

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