Posted by: fiore | May 3, 2010

Celebrating “El dì del Ghezz’ – Ghezzi’s Day”

Last Saturday, on the International Workers’ Day, a bunch of Rugby enthusiasts of every age, gathered at Chicken Rugby Rozzano ground to celebrate “El dì del Ghezz” (Ghezzi’s Day) with a minirugby tournament and “friendly” games for Chickens from junior to veteran rugby.

Cesare Ghezzi (1909-1996), was an Italian rugby player. Born and bread in Milano, he begun to play rugby in 1930 after  attending, at the Arena Civica in Milano, to the Italy v Spain game (3-0).  He begun his career at scrum-half at “Forza e Coraggio” and after that he went on to win 3 Italian Championships with Amatori Milano, and captained Italy in quite few international games. In 1949 he decided to hang up the boots and begun to coach at ASR Milano. After 10 years in Serie A he, a real precursor, founded Chicken Rugby Milano (later to merge with Rugby Rozzano), to teach Rugby to children from 10 to 15 years of age, when our sport was a prerogative only for the grown-ups. In his own words:  “We used to train all year round, dreaming of the mythical Tournament at Clermont Ferrand played each Whitsunday. What a satisfaction to drag the secretary of the Italian Union on the other side of the Alps and see him crying like a baby in front of all those happy children. If we want to move closer to the stellar rugby of France and New Zealand, the first step is coaching Rugby in schools.“*

After 50 years the Italian Rugby Union (FIR), haven’t been able yet to follow the words of this enlightened man, and are still dedicating most of their means to the senior “top” rugby, while sowing the seeds of a new generation of rugby players is left to the good will of  everyday people that thankfully chose to follow Cesare Ghezzi’s steps.

And  his belief is well alive in the hearts and minds of people at Chicken Rugby Rozzano…

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*(Francesco Bucchieri, l’Unità, 15 agosto 1987)



  1. a great story of a great man

  2. I certainly agree with you. A story worth telling of a great man and a real innovator.

  3. It was a great day.
    Lots of rugby, fun and beer.

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