Posted by: fiore | March 10, 2010

Offloads and Jacklers

Almost 10 days have passed since the Flaminio’s victory of the Azzurri over Scotland and I’ve been thinking over and over again about what really struck me of the game. Ok, we won. But this doesn’t mean that we can finally really compete with all the other Nations of the Tournament. We still need to show that consistency that only great teams or great athletes have (i.e. Armin Zoeggeler).

That said, I must also add that our Azzurri really shew some improvements.

They really did things that they usually wouldn’t do, such as off-loading, ball carriers hitting and hitting again when they got into contact, and tackles & jackels ... We were already aware of our strong defense, but until now it was only plain and simple defense. We never tried to regain possess from a tackle a là McCaw.

But now, for the first time in our game, we can say that we can also do the “Grillotalpa”, which is how former coach now General Manager at Benetton Treviso and SKYTV pundit Vittorio Munari calls those players who do the jackler. Every country has its jacklers: McCaw for NewZealand, Brussouw for SouthAfrica, David Wallace for Ireland, Martyn Williams for Wales, Phil Waugh for Australia… but these are just few bright examples.

Anyway, the three above-said things altogether show a new tendency in our rugby: to me they mean that the Azzurri are more prone to attack instead of only defend. Is this the beginning of a new attacking era? I really hope so.

But please, in the meantime, would you mind to sort out the kicking game too?

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