Posted by: fiore | February 2, 2010


Another year has begun and another Six Nations Championship is approaching, but for me there’s very little to rejoice.

On the contrary I had to make a very difficult decision and…. sin bin myself.

This actually translates into taking a step back from coaching at least for a while, due to some health problems. It has been a hard decision but it is even harder to explain people why I can’t coach at the moment. I understand that they find it hard to realise that even a “simple” headache could be a real problem… but my headaches are never “simple”.

So, since sometimes I find hard to stand and that I quite often wish I was able to put my head in the fridge for stopping the pain (no medication has proved good for such headaches), I really can’t figure myself shouting for 75 mins at undisciplined children…. and survive!

Bummer! We were working quite well I think, but I completely trust in my co-coach and no hope is lost: perhaps in a month or so I should be able to go back to my usual self and on the pitch again…

So, fingers crossed.



  1. This is bad news.
    Hope you get better asap.

  2. Thanks mate, that’s very kind of you!

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