Posted by: fiore | November 10, 2009

Laziness and Allblacks

dan carter chicken

Dan Carter wearing the Chicken Rozzano colours (courtesy of Luca Fazzo)

I know I’ve been quite lazy lately and I didn’t post much here. In my defence it must be said that I’ve been very busy both with my daytime bloody job and on the pitch.

My boys have been playing a couple of Tournament in the meanwhile as well, and faced some hard lessons but also easy wins. The hardest lesson came from the Rho Tournament, where both Rho Rugby and Velate Rugby proved to be too strong for us, and what really failed us was the tackling area. Actually we must say that we didn’t work much on tackling since the beginning of the season because our Director of Rugby suggested to work first on using spaces, offloads and support play, and that’s what we did. And this paid off in our first tournament: the other teams were quite weak and we had most of the possession, so our defense was never put to the test. But when we faced more organised teams we – and the boys too – realised that working on tackles is a priority. And that’s what we did in the past 2 weeks despite the small number of players due to the spreading flu!

Anyway, our next tournament will be on Sunday in Pavia (again), where we already won 2 tournaments out of 2, but before that we have another great event ahead on Saturday: the Italy v New Zealand test-match at Stadio San Siro in Milan! And what’s even better is that both the boys and staff won’t be simple spectators of the event, actually we will be part of it since some of our Under 12s and Under 8s, along with boys from other 3 Milanese clubs, will be the standard-bearers; some of our Under 16s will be the ball boys and the whole Under 10 will play a four-sided tournament just before the test-match.

What an incredible experience will be for them in front of 80.000 people (!!!), and me too, since I’m going to be the standard-bearers escort. So, in case you’re watching the test-match on TV or at San Siro and see a mad girl chasing Richie McCaw… well that “girl” could be me! 😉


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