Posted by: fiore | July 24, 2009

Olympic Rugby

Send Rugby to the Olympics!

Send Rugby to the Olympics!

There are millions of reasons why Rugby should be an Olympic sport, that’s why every Rugby enthusiast should sign this worthy petition.

Rugby is not new to the Olympics, actually the sport debuted at the 1900 Paris games. It subsequently featured at the London games in 1908, the Antwerp games in 1920 and the Paris games in 1924. Shortly after the 1924 games, which earned the United Staes the Gold Medal, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) cancelled rugby union as an Olympic sport.

Now we can make a difference here and bring back Rugby where it belongs even though in its “Sevens” version.

The clock is ticking fast – the Olympic Committee will soon make a decision and choose two out of seven competing sports – among them squash, golf, baseball karate and of course Sevens Rugby.

Sign the petition at Olympic-Rugby and spread the word….

from IRB website:

“Sevens is an ideal forum to show rugby in the Olympic Games” – John Eales, Australia

“I see no reason why it would not be unbelievably supported in an Olympic context”Keith Wood, Ireland

“It allows some of the other countries an opportunity to express themselves and certainly from a spectator point of view it would be wonderful” Lawrence Dallaglio, England

“For me playing in the Olympic Games would be the highest achievement as a rugby player”Agustin Pichot, Argentina



  1. Everyone should sign this petition right now! every little helps and it would be unreal to have Rugby 7s in the olympics!

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