Posted by: fiore | June 23, 2009

Ciao Pedro

Pedro 1964-2009

Pedro 1964-2009

I got a text message from my friend Stefano today in which he asked me if I heard something about Pedro that passed away…

What?? What are you talking about??? You must be joking. This cannot be true. But I was wrong.

Pierpaolo Pedroni, but everybody in the Italian rugby world knew him simply as “PEDRO”, has been a fine rugby player. He was a lock who won 4 Italian Championships with Amatori Rugby Milano and played for Italy 25 times, during that “golden age” under coach Georges Coste, when Italy gained the privilege to play in the Six Nations.

I met him last time, by chance, a couple of months ago in a sushi bar in Milano. He was on his way back home from work – he owned a pub called Barbarians – and I was there with the very same Stefano, who was in Milano for a meeting and wanted to eat sushi on a Monday evening! That place was the only sushi bar I knew that was open on a Monday and as we were there, sitting next to the window I saw Stefano’s face changing expression as he was watching outside. He opened his eyes wide as he uttered some swearwords, while someone was coming in… and there was Pedro! Then the two bursted into laughter because that was the last place on earth they expected to meet.

We dined together and they spent most of the time talking about the good old days, tours they went, games they played and friends. It was nice to hear their laughters as they recolled their anectodes and the banters… this is the last memory I have of Pedro along with his pub’s card that he handed me before we parted.

Pedro was only 45 and passed away today for a heart attack.

Ciao Pedro, you’ll be sorely missed.



  1. Hello.. I kow it may seem a stupid question… but we didn’t know each other… I was a friend of Pedro since a long time… and I’ve red your message… we used to go in this sushi restaurant but I didn’t remember the adress… can you do me a favour… please and remember me the sushi adress??? It would be very kind of you… you can’t imagine how important it is to me… thank you so much…

    • Hi there, the sushi place is called Wu Taiyo and is located in via Adige near Corso Lodi. I hope you’ll enjoy some sushi remembering Pedro.

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