Posted by: fiore | May 25, 2009

Da Rock

Da Rock, Rocky Elsom

Da Rock, Rocky Elsom

Uluru (or Ayers Rock if you prefer) stand aside! Here comes Australia’s *new* most famous Rock!

His parents should have been incredibly inspired when they named him Rocky. Because that’s what he is: solid as a rock, both physically and mentally.

Rugby is a team game but there are some players who can change a whole squad with their attitude, and Rocky has been the keystone to Leinster’s game, throughout the season. With his example and fierceness he gave the pack the right consistence and confidence they have always lacked of. Rocky took Leinster’s pack out of the shadow of Munster’s and in his first season in the Northern Hemisphere, with his powerful drives, he inspired them and showed them how to run with the ball and played a big part in winning the most highly prized club trophy around: the Heineken Cup.

No wonders that ARU want him back.

Congratulation to Leinster,

2009 Heineken Cup Winners!

Leinster Rugby, 2009 Heineken Cup Champions

Leinster Rugby, 2009 Heineken Cup Champions



  1. Couldn’t agree more. Worthy winners and no mistake.

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