Posted by: fiore | April 30, 2009

You can say what you want but this won’t change my mind…

After being severely criticised after Italy’s poor performance in the Six Nations, Nick Mallett has not only been re-appointed Head Coach of the Azzurri until the next World Cup but will have full control over appointing a new

Italy Head Coach, Nick Mallett

Italy Head Coach, Nick Mallett

coaching staff.

And yesterday FIR announced that Mallett has revealed his new staff:

Carlo Orlandi – assistant coach (Forwards)
Alessandro Troncon – assistant coach (Backs)
Alex Marco – fitness coach
David Fonzi – video analyst

Now, I dare you to spot the difference with his former staff…

Oh yes, assistant coach Jean-Philippe Cariat, whose contract was expiring has been replaced by Alessandro Troncon. …what else? Well, actually nothing else!

Mallett himself has made no secret of the need for reform in Italian domestic structures if the national team is to progress and FIR President Giancarlo Dondi has given total liberty to reorganise his coaching staff. And this is all he came out with.

I have the maximum respect for both Orlandi and Troncon, but it is undoubted that if the former, who’s in charge of the powerful Italian pack, hasn’t been able to adjust the big boys’ game to the ELVs, the latter doesn’t have any coaching experience.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Tronky as a player, but frankly I don’t think that he should get the job because of his playing records. Playing and coaching are two different worlds, and for what I’ve seen during the 6 Nations he’s far too agitated on the sideline to infuse the players the right concentration. He is still too much a player himself. I’m sure he has all to become a good coach in the future, but he should go through all the steps instead of going directly to the top.

For our own good, I really hope he proves me wrong.

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