Posted by: fiore | April 22, 2009

Oval Shaped Hearts

I copied this blog post about the “Walk4Matt fundrising” from Giorgia‘s, because basically I’m a lazy prop and also because she was so kind to let me.

Thanks Giorgia!

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Rugby people are special — they might look like troglodites to the non-rugby-fan spectator, but truth is they’re not: they spend 80 minutes tackling and grunting and running and yelling and clashing into each other and getting multiple fractures etc., then go out in the world and do good things.



Nick from the Welsh Rugby Blog alerted me about this moving story (I’d actually already read about that on the Scottish Rugby Blog, which of course was linking back to WRB, in fact that’s how I eventually landed on Nick’s blog):

Matt Hampson is an inspirational figure. Despite being paralysed from the neck down, after a training accident with England Under-21s, he leads a busy, active life, and remains completely involved with the game he loves. He still requires two fulltime carers, and cannot breathe without the aid of a ventilator. His physiotherapry bill alone comes to around £60,000 a year. On May the 8th, representatives of all 12 Guinness Premiership clubs will be setting off from Rugby, in Warwickshire, to walk to Twickenham, for the Premiership final, on the 16th. As well as raising money for Matt’s Trust Fund, they’ll be fundraising for Special Effect – a charity which helps severely disabled children, and of which Matt is a patron – and 12 charities nominated by the clubs. The Wasps-nominated charity is the Lawrence Dallaglio Foundation. In its first year, it is supporting Cancer Research, in memory of Lawrence’s mother Eileen, who died of the disease, at the end of last year. She was a larger than life character, who is greatly missed. For full details of the Walk4Matt, visit Thank you.

Everybody can donate — via Paypal, CC, text etc. — and spread the message, too, as the more people get it, the better.

Meanwhile, on this side of the rugby world, tomorrow clash between Capitolina and Rugby Roma will be a free-entry and fundraising event: anyone can enter Stadio Flaminio for free and then donate what they wish/can to support our Rugby L’Aquila cousins, who have been affected by the quake in Abruzzo.

You can read more about that and other ways to help on both Capitolina and Rugby Roma websites.


DERBY DAY in Veneto

Veneto Derby Day

Veneto Derby Day

There’s also another great initiative to help our brothers from L’Aquila, organised by the 4 Super10 teams from Veneto.

The championship round of the 26/04 of both BENETTON TREVISOFEMI CZ ROVIGO, and CARRERA PETRARCA PADOVACASINO’ DI VENEZIA, will be played at Stadio Plebiscito of Padova and all the receipts will be given to the people hit by the earthquake of last 06/04.

1) men, € 20,00
2) women, € 10,00
3) men 16-18 y.o., € 10,00
4) UNDER 16 , free



  1. actually it’s not *today* derby between Capitolina and Rugby Roma 🙂

  2. when is it? is it not on the 22/04? which is today?

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