Posted by: fiore | February 17, 2009

On the edge of the chasm

Facing the chasm

Italy is facing the chasm

After 2 Six Nations matches my impressions are that we – Italian rugby – are facing the chasm.

Our forwards are no longer among the strongest in the world, our best players are given jerseys with wrong numbers, our backs do what their name suppose them to do… stay back! In one word: complete disaster. Well, these were 2 words actually, but the meaning is the same.

Here are some numbers of the Italy-Ireland game played last Sunday at Stadio Flaminio in Rome.

Notice that in red are the negative and in green the positive facts of the match. Of course Ireland have tackled less than Italy but that’s because they had more possession. What really scares me is Italy’s incapacity at winning balls in open play (only 3 balls won in Ireland’s 22′, and 41 in the whole game compared to the 98 of the Irish) and of course breaking the line. We certainly can tackle but…. but our tackles are unfruitful, because I’ve been taught that tackle is the first step to re-conquer the ball and then go and score a try. If you tackle only for self-defence, no matter what, you are doomed to lose.

Italy disaster

Italy's disaster



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