Posted by: fiore | December 18, 2008

A bit of tradition

2008 Varsity Match

Oxford UniversityCambridge University


The history of The Varsity Match extends back to early 1872, a year after the first ever rugby international (Scotland v England), with interruptions only for the two World Wars. In the beginning they played a 20 a-side version of the game and there was not a referee until the 1885 match.

What has always fascinated me is that for a number of years the touch judges were actually the previous year’s captains.

I can perfectly remember the touch judges dressed with their University uniform, with cap and scarf, and the flags. That’s a bit of tradition that has been lost to the indroduction of professional touch judges but I guess that the players’ spirit is the very same of those scholars back in 1872.

Dan Vickerman for Cambridge Uni.

Dan Vickerman for Cambridge Uni.

2008 Varsity Match

2008 Varsity Match

Oxford University celebrate victory in the 2008 Varsity Match

Oxford University celebrate victory in the 2008 Varsity Match

Oxford University: 15. Chris Mahony, 14. Sean Morris, 13. John Burnett, 12. Tom Gregory, 11. Tim Catling, 10. Ross Swanson, 9. Brendan McKerchar, 1. Ricky Lutton, 2. Anton Oliver, 3. Wayne Thompson, 4. Ian Kench, 5. Bert Payne, 6. Stan McKeen, 7. Peter Clarke, 8. Peter Wright

Replacements used: 18. Nic Van Zyl, 19. Chris Davies, 20. Toby Henry, 21. Alex Cheeseman

Cambridge University: 15. Jimmy Richards, 14. James Wellwood, 13. Chris Lewis, 12. Mark Ranby, 11. James Greenwood, 10. Sandy Reid, 9. Douglas Rowe, 1. Niall Conlon , 2. Matt Crockett, 3. Jon Dawson, 4. Martin Wilson, 5. Dan Vickerman, 6. William Jones, 7. Tom Malaney, 8. Trevor Boynton.

Replacements used: 16. Patrick Crossley, 17. Andy Daniel, 18. Connor O’Keeffe, 19. Charlie Rees, 20. Joe Wheeler, 21. Rhidian McGuire, 22. Scott MacLennan

Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU)

Man of the Match: Tim Catling, Oxford Uni



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