Posted by: fiore | October 20, 2008

Is it easier for Forwards?

It seems that Rocky Elsom has slotted into European rugby quite easily.

Aussie Rocky Elsom, playing for Leinster
Aussie Rocky Elsom, playing for Leinster
The Wallaby flanker had his debut in Heineken Cup two weeks ago against Edinburgh when he scored a try and his performance deserved him the “Man of the Match” award.
While, last Saturday, in the second round of the pool, he put on another great performance, scoring another try for Leinster victory against London Wasps, 41-11.
So, unlike his Aussie mate Chris Latham who is struggling to find his best form with Worcester, it really seems that Rocky feels quite comfy in his Leinster jersey.
Is it easier for the forwards to get accustomed to a different style of Rugby?
On the other hand, the South-african CJ Van der Linde, also at Leinster, recently
declared that he’s having some problems at the European approach to the set-pieces
and that it will take some getting used to it. But of course Rugby is different if played in
the front or in the back row!
Watch Rocky’s interview on Leinster Rugby TV here. He may look a bit shy on TV, but he’s
certainly not on the pitch and that’s why we (well… I) like him! πŸ˜‰


  1. After watching Rocky playing with the Wallabies and then mourning his departure to the Northern Hemisphere I was convinced he would be a great success as he is a genuine forward,his physical approach to the game cannot be denied,he improved with every appearance,he would take the ball to the line and then fight the defence for more yardage thus creating a leadership quality, his men or his fellow forwards were to become inspired and this quality becomes contagious and this is how greatness is born then legend.
    If the Rock had stuck to his word and returned to play for the Wallabies in June against the Babas his legend would have been born and the Wallabies would have gone from strength to strength but alas temptation is everywhere and the great warrior chose the treasure at the top of the world instead of rejoining his army that waited so patiently for his return. Farewell Centurion farewell!

  2. Hi Nigel, thanks for your comment.
    I agree with you, Rocky is a great player and always has great impact on the game. His work-rate is amazing and he looks like he’s always playing 100%.
    Selfishly I wish he could extend his sojourn in the Northern emisphere a little longer, so that maybe sooner or later, I will be able to see him “live”.

  3. I love watching Northern Hemisphere rugby,the Heineken Cup is top class,the concept of foreign internationals playing for different clubs really adds to the Rugby purist/fanatic/ex player/rugby nuts a mouth watering display of rugby played by the best athletes that rugby can offer to its loyal followers.
    As an ex player I praise those who developed this model, our Super 14 is a fine Competition but the European model goes further by allowing great players from different countries to come together not as rivals but as comrades. Its classic old warriors stuff, the stuff of comics,warriors who fought battles against one another now on quests as allies! I raise my glass to the architects of this grand design!

  4. Yep! Have you ever thought to see Danny Grewcock and Justin Harrison shoulder to shoulder and not punching each other? πŸ˜‰
    We not only have foreign players but also foreign coaches who bring their own precious know-how and diversity to the game.
    I really hope that Italian teams will be accepted in the Celtic League so that we will finally have top class rugby to watch here too, and perhaps some very good foreign players will arrive to play for Italian sides as well, such as David Campese, Michael Lynagh, John Kirwan, etc, back in the older days when rugby wasn’t pro and these players used to come and play in Italy during their summer break.

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