Posted by: fiore | October 14, 2008

Is this love?

There’s no doubt that, without Danny Grewcock who’s out for injury, Bath Rugby is having hard times at lineout. Was it the reason why they kept on attacking with ball in hand, even from their in-goal area, during last Sunday Heineken Cup game with Toulouse? A game that they dominated for possession, though not for territory, and that they lost for a silly mistake few seconds before the final whistle.

Multi-phase tactic is a trademark for Bath coach Steve Meehan, but the stubborness with which Bath players carried on this purpose borders on self-harm.

How about varying it a wee bit? After 20 mins it was all clear which kind of game Bath was going to play, and they never created apprehension in the opponents. The problem is that Bath played too far from Toulouse 22′, but when the finally got close to the try line, they actually scored, twice!

So, was this choice to never kick for territory and always run the ball subject to a lack of confidence in the lineouts?

Former wallaby Justin Harrison alone, who has joined Bath this season to replace Steve Borthwick, is not enough to ensure the possession at the lineouts, and hopefully when Danny Grewcock will be back to full fitness – he’s expected by the end of the month – Bath aerial game will go back to its usual high standards.

BTW, I would also reccomend extra training kicking sessions for Butch James...


Justin Harrison, Aussie Haka or Aussie Ape?

Justin Harrison, Aussie Haka or Aussie Ape?

Justin Harrison, who once was branded a plank and an ape by one of the Lions squad, Austin Healey, and who’s also well-known for a long disciplinary record, has something to say about fellow lock Danny Grewcock:

“It is an easy decision for a referee to show a yellow card to someone who has a certain notoriety and it becomes self-perpetuating,” said Harrison.

“The referee will earn himself a tick in the box, not criticism, but I guess at our age, 10 minutes off is not all that bad. Grewy and I both play the game as hard as we can and to a level that often draws attention. We are not cheats or dirty and we do not play outside the rules. We just take things to the limit and live on the edge. Daniel‘s persona is an absolute polar distance to what he is like on the field. He is one of the most caring, considerate and gentle men I have ever met: on the field, if you were not on the same team as him, you would be too fearful to be anywhere in the stadium.”

Is this love? โ™ฅ

Read the whole Harrison’s interview on


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