Posted by: fiore | October 9, 2008

Amatori Milano are back

Massimo Giovanelli

Italy rugby legend Massimo Giovanelli with Amatori Rugby Milano jersey

It is one of the oldest and most successful rugby club in Italy and after 10 years in the purgatory of the Italian rugby (Serie C and Serie B), Amatori Rugby Milano, is back on the national rugby scene (Serie A1) hoping to retake its place in the elite of Italian rugby and get back to its ancient splendours.

Established in 1928, Amatori Rugby Milano with 18 Italian titles is the most winning club in Italy. The majority of these titles were conquered during the 30’s and 40’s, while the most recent ones date back to the 90’s, when Amatori was also the backbone of the National team with the likes of Massimo Giovanelli, Diego Dominguez, the twins Massimo and Marcello Cuttitta (the latter is the present Amatori head coach), Pierpaolo Pedroni, Franco Properzi-Curti, Giambattista Croci and many others.

In the past three years Amatori dominated its Serie B pool but always failed at the final stage of the play-off for getting to Serie A. This season they were almost ready to start it all over again when Leonessa Brescia, which have been struggling in Serie A in the past few years because of a low budget, offered to Amatori their rights to play in the national championship. Along with the rights also arrived few players from Brescia and last Sunday Amatori made their successful debut in Serie A1 at Milan rugby stadium “Giuriati“, beating Amatori Alghero, 44-14.

So, finally Milano has a top rugby team again, and finally I can go to see some quality rugby at a reasonable distance (Bath is 1.421 kms away, while the Giuriati is only 20 kms!), hoping to see Amatori playing in the Top 10 next season…


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