Posted by: fiore | October 2, 2008

North is tougher

Amongst the many players who have headed North from the other hemisphere, there’s one of my favourite ones, definitely one of the most clever full-back around, the Aussie Chris Latham.

Worcester Warrior Chris Latham

Worcester Warrior Chris Latham

Chris has inexplicably choosen – in my opinion – to land at Worcerster Warriors, a club which has always struggled to keep its place in Guinness Premiership and that I’m afraid won’t prove to be the best stage for his talent.

Anyway, after 4 games Worcester lies second from bottom, and both Chris and his team are struggling to find their best form. Super 14s is a quick-paced game, it is still physical but nowhere near the same physicality as here.”

And he has yet to face his first European Challenge Cup game. Perhaps the first round won’t be too difficult since Worcester is playing Petrarca Padova (who almost lost from Rugby Roma last Saturday in Super10) and Bucuresti while perhaps Bourgoin will prove a tougher test.

Chris Latham's socks

Chris Latham's socks

However Latham believes the signs are there that Worcester will improve as the season goes on.

Anyway, he’s lucky that I’m not his coach, otherwise I would begin to sort everything out starting from Chris’ socks! I know it is a kind of a trademark for him, but I really can’t stand socks pulled down! 😉


  1. Completely agree: socks UP! 😀

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