Posted by: fiore | September 23, 2008

Experimental… what??

IRB referee Joel Jutge

IRB referee Joel Jutge

ELVs, Experimental Law Variations… is there someone out there who really has a full picture of the situation?
Apparently every single rugby championship in the world now is using a different version of the so-called ELVs: in South African Currie Cup they’re using the full inventory of IRB Experimental Law Variations; the South African, New Zealand and Australian Rugby Unions (SANZAR) adopted a range of the (ELVs) for the 2008 Super 14 competition; the Premiership in England has reduced the 33 experimental law variations to 13 for the season here, with the good old Irish Rugby Union playing a heroic role in resisting the full raft.
Starting the past weekend, the Espoirs Championship in France, will provide the platform for a further six month trial of the variations that have featured in the recent Tri Nations and Super 14 competitions, but are not part of the global trial that kicked off on August 1. With weekly fixtures, the Espoirs Championship is the Top 14‘s second team competition, featuring a blend of fully fledged professionals and under 23 academy players.
So, is it a bit clearer now? Ehm…. not really!
In March 2009 the ELV review process will begin and include Member Union feedback. The Rugby Committee will then make a recommendation to Council in May 2009 when the decision to accept any or all of the ELVs will be made… and I refuse to learn all these damn’d ELVs till then!! πŸ˜‰

*Read two different views about the ELVs by the TIMESONLINE columnist Stephen Jones and Bath Rugby Defensive Coach Brad Davis*


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