Posted by: fiore | September 22, 2008

Rugby Roma first win in Super 10

S10 2008/09: Rugby Roma v Gran Parma

Brillian home debut for Rugby Roma last Saturday, in the Italian elite Rugby Super 10 Championship, against Plusvalore Gran Parma.
The “rookie” of the championship impressed mostly for their pack and defense, but also for the attacking skills.
Both forward and backs scored, which is, in my opinion a sign of “good health”.
Anyway I am not exactly a fan of Rugby Roma, but I have few friends playing and coaching there, so I can’t help but follow their progresses and be happy for their results.
I was in Calvisano two weeks ago for their first round of the 2008/09 season against Italy champions Rugby Calvisano, and despite the loss, they have been playing with the right attitude and never gave up ’till the final whistle, which earned them at least 1 point.
Now, after this convincing win they’ll have to confirm the positive trend next Saturday, when they are playing away with Petrarca Padova.


Futura Park RomaPlusvalore Gran Parma 36-12 (Pt 17-0)
Scorers: 1st half, 22’try Valcastelli conv. Todeschini, 31′ try Mazzi conv. Todeschini, 48′ pen. Freschi; 2nd half, 9′ try Bricalli, 16′ try Orsi conv Gerber, 20′ try Onori, 35′ try Boscolo conv. Todeschini, 45′ try Corona conv. Todeschini.
Futura Park Roma: Todeschini, Reid, Valcastelli (30′ st. Rota), Freschi, Francesio (11′ st. Corona), Warren, Mazzi (Cap.) (17′ st. Pinto), Murrazzani (1′ st. Saccardo), Negrillo, Boscolo, Hulme, German (17′ st. Aldridge), Gamboa, Gatti (1′ st. Bricalli), Perugini (11′ st. Vigne Donati). A disp.: Corona, Vigne Donati, Bricalli, Aldridge, Saccardo, Rota, Pinto. All.: Stefano Bordon
Plusvalore Gran Parma: De Marigny; Tahana, Orsi, Galante (30’st Tempestini), Onori; Gerber, Tebaldi (43′ st. Cigarini); Crichton, Mandelli (Cap.), Barbieri; Engelbrecht (28′ st. Filippini), Pulli (37′ st. Foschi); Warren, Goegan (1′ st. Buzaj), Artal. A disp.: Coletti, Buzaj, Filippini, Foschi, Cigarini, Castagnoli, Tempestini. All. R.Mey – N. Mazzucato
Notes: yellow cards, 27’st Hulme (Futura Park); 45’st Onori (Plusvalore); red card, 47’pt Crichton (Plusvalore Gran Parma)
Groupama Assicurazioni Man of the match: Piero Valcastelli (Futura Park)
Points: Futura Park Roma 5, Plusvalore Gran Parma 0

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