Posted by: fiore | August 18, 2008

The insider…

Last month I went down to Roma to lend a hand to my friend Stefano and his team, for the beginning of the new season. Well, actually my main task was only to translate for the foreigners (players and staff) from Italian to English and viceversa, and I found myself also translating for the journalists, at the press conference… 😯

It has been an interesting experience: mostly I had the chance to assist the new Aussie fitness coach, Geoff, who’s a nice guy with a vast knowledge and who is extremely driven. I helped him with the first training session as well as with the physical tests results and the nutritionist, two things that I never dealt with in my past experience as coach.

Anyway, as usual I found myself more at ease with the forwards… backs are always so obnoxious 😉 , while forwards are genuine! 😉 …of course there are always exceptions to the rule…

It took me a while to understand the new kiwi prop, John, but when I finally *tuned* into his accent everything was so much easier. Of course, no problems at all with the Aussies, Geoff and Christian. 😉

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