Posted by: fiore | June 3, 2008

Last training

Last Friday, under a stormy weather, I held my last training session. As usual my coaching partner sent me a text message in which he announced that he was engaged somewhere else, so I had to organize myself the session. Which is good, because in this way I was able to work on what I thought was important for preparing Saturday’s game with ASR Milano, which is one of the strongest side in Lombardy (they won the “elite pool” of the U15 Championship this year). Anyway, there were quite few boys and we worked on tackles and then on the global game. We also had a newcomer, who will be joining the U17 next season hopefully, and a young one from the U13.

The boys were noisy as usual, but we managed to do a nice training.

They didn’t know it was my last one and I didn’t tell them because I wanted them to be focused on the game.


*UPDATE*: Saturday, as always, we were short of players… so, my team, with 13 players, faced bravely the strong ASR Milano XV, and at half-time we were leading!!! In the end we lost 28-37 but we scored 2 tries just before the final whistle. We ruled both scrums and lineouts, and everybody tackled like Allblacks! I am so proud of them all!

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