Posted by: fiore | May 27, 2008

A great Sunday for my teams

Sunday has been a great day for my teams: after 10 years Bath Rugby has brought back home some silverware from Kingsholm, after defeating Worcester Warriors in the European Challenge Cup Final, 24-16; and Stefano‘s Rugby Roma Olympic won the Italian Serie A Final over L’Aquila, to regain the Italian Premiership (Top10) next season.

I am absolutely over the moon for Rugby Roma win, and I really wished I could go and see the game. Alas, my commitments to my team and club prevented me from going to Rome, so I missed Stefano‘s most important achievement as a coach so far. But he, being one of my rugby mentors, knows that my decision to stay with my team, although painful, was the right one. Anyway, he promised me I’ll be there in his debut as a Top10 coach next September, and I won’t miss it for the world!!

As for my Bath Rugby, after their incredible season, always at the top of Guinness Premiership, and after losing last year in this same European Challenge Cup final, from Clermont Auvergne, it was about time for them to break the spell, having lost all five cup finals in the past 10 years, and show their true value. It was also the last game for captain Steve Borthwick and Olly Barkley who will be heading to other clubs next season (London Saracens and Gloucester, respectively), and they have been given a dream send-off. While my favourite Danny Grewcock, at 35, with sixty-nine England caps, a World Cup winner’s medal and two Lions tour, has finally crowned his club career with a trophy! Well done, Danny-boy!


  1. Shame you couldn’t make it to Rome, would’ve been nice to meet you! 🙂
    I was there, and shot quite a few (read: a LOT!) piccies of the game:

  2. snif.. snif…! please don’t torture me you too! I have already been insulted (and I insulted myself a great deal too!) for missing the game. and people have been so *kind* to tell me what a great fun they had after the game and so on….! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    BTW, I think we’ll have the chance to meet soon because I’m coming to Rome one of these days.
    Thanks for your link, I’ll have a look to the pix soon! (at home where I’m firewall-free!) 😉

  3. Aww, no, sorry, I didn’t mean to rub it in… 😦
    Anyway, I couldn’t stay there long after the game, as despite putting on a 50+ SPF lotion and wearing a (pink) cap, I managed to get sunburnt anyway, so I went home feeling quite dizzy despite not having drunk any alcohol (which, incidentally, I wouldn’t have drunk anyway as I’m a teetotaller… 😀 )…

  4. A teatotaller??? Nooooooo! Well, nobody is perfect! 🙂
    BTW, why don’t you go and check my brand new “Rugby photos” links section…. click on “Image factory” and browse for some interesting pix of your good auld friend Mossy! 😉
    Perhaps you already know the site… or maybe not!

  5. Oh, thanks, didn’t know aboot that site – plus, “guid auld friend Mossy” made me laugh… LOL 😀

    Anyways, here’s a pic for you:


  6. Arrrggghhh! Damn’d firewall! I can’t see your pix right now. I have to wait till tomorrow when I’ll be back home and connected with my laptop! …I can’t wait to see it!

  7. Hey, suppose since Super 10 final will be in Monza on 7th June, you won’t be coming over to Roma Seven 2008 on 6th/7th June, will you? Or are you ubiquitous? 🙂

  8. I don’t think I’ll be going to Monza for the S10 final… I actually have had enough rugby for this season! 😉
    Unluckily I won’t even be able to come to the Roma 7s, because I’m baby-sitting Milù-the-cat while my parents are away! 😯
    But hopefully I’ll be heading South very soon!

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