Posted by: fiore | March 19, 2008

Almost there…

Practising with the scrum before a game

We’re quite at the end of our regular season and we passed through some very difficult times, and survived…

We fought back to regain the head of the ranking of our pool, which we currently share with Rugby Monza. We still have 2 games left to play and they must be won with the bonus point, if we want to pass to the Regional Finals…

Who would have ever expect it?? Not me, really. In the beginning I hoped to be able to do a good job with my boys, but they overtook my expectations. We have the strongest scrum in the whole pool. No team has ever given us the slightest problem in both set pieces. My forwards scored 90% of the tries of the team, and I also did some turn-over in each row.

What can I say? I am absolutely delighted with the result. Most of the guys are able to play in each row despite they were also given a specific training for their main roles, and since most of them will pass in Under 17 next season, I’m confident that they are ready for the new and more challenging task.

What I’m not satisfied of is still the relationship with my fellow coach. I am very sorry to say that it has been a terrible year for me in this sense: despite he should have been the more experienced of the two of us, I haven’t been able to learn anything from him. He never shew any enthusiasm in what was doing and never mixed with the team.

I guess he has also done some good things, but I can’t figure them out now, because I’m so angry with him that I can see only the negatives. What I blame him for is his negative and careless attitude towards this boys. And most of all, I am angry because with his skills and knowledge he could have made a wonderful job. What a waste of time…

I am sick and tired of him and, if next year I decide to keep on coaching for my club – and if they still want me – it will be so long as I don’t have to work with him anymore!


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