Posted by: fiore | December 22, 2007

Top of the ranking

I haven’t had much time to post lately and many things have happened on the rugby pitch since my last report.

We recorded our first loss to Rugby Monza, but we also won 3 games out of 4.

At the moment we are at the top of the ranking. Who could have imagined it at the beginning of the season? Well, not me.

Since the earlier training sessions my relationship with my fellow coach has improved. Despite we still have different point of views I think we are getting along quite well now. He supports me a lot and I try to do the same with him. I also think he could make a wonderful coach if only he would put or show a little more passion in the job. He’s so discreet that sometimes I find it hard to understand what’s in his mind. He has understood that I’m a very straightforward and I wish he could trust me enough to relax and show his real self.

Anyway, as we expected, at this stage of the season we are experiencing problems with many absences of the boys due to school, flu or injuries… we also had to ask to postpone a game because we weren’t able to field 15 players! And despite that we are still at the top of the ranking.

The activities are now suspended due to Christmas holidays, and our next appointment will be on the 20/01 with Rugby Varese. We’ll have only 2 weeks, and 6 training sessions, to get ready for that game and I’m a bit worried for the forwards. I’ll have to work very hard to restore their skills after the long pause.

Moreover I’ve already had some problems with the set pieces, and I desperately need to work with the scrum machine, but that’s a bit difficult to do because it is placed in a un-illuminated area and it is very hard to exercise when it is pitch-black!

Anyway, my next move is…. taking a little break from Rugby for a couple of days at least.

Then, I’ll try to…

  1. enjoy some Guinness Premiership rugby on tv,
  2. hopefully go to Parma to see the ECC game between Overmach Parma and Bath Rugby, and perhaps be inspired by it…
  3. prepare myself for the restart of the activities!

’till then… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the world.


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