Posted by: fiore | October 19, 2007

My first game

I didn’t have much time lately to post. I’m following 3 different projects at work and in the evening, after the training sessions, I’m so tired that I hardly make myself some food before heading to bed. What an exciting life!

Anyway, last 7/10 I finally had my debut on the bench… but not an easy one.


I spent the previous 2 days trying to organise a team because, despite we always have 18/20 boys on the pitch, only half of them fulfilled all the requirements (Union enrolment, medical test, etc…) for the game. The team manager should be in charge of these tasks, but it doesn’t work like this, here!

Obviously my English partner/coach (who also plays for the senior team), couldn’t care less about it, and was of no help at all. Moreover, on the Friday training sessions, I was told that despite Peter’s Union enrolment wasn’t ready yet and wasn’t allowed to play, he had to stay with the Senior team because he is also the “backs coach”. #@!!!%#§§@!

I was so pissed off: when I was appointed “assistent coach” to the Under 15, I was told that since I don’t have much experience I had to submit to Peter’s. Which was ok with me. But then, on the first game of the year, with all these problems with the number of players, and Peter available because he wasn’t playing, I was told: get by on your own!

Thank you! And bugger off!


As I expected, on Sunday morning, only 11 boys turn out, and you need at least 12 players to start a game… So, at 9 am I woke up our Coaching Director who “obliged” us to go to Brescia saying that 11 players were enough and hoping that the Club shouldn’t get fined.

But of course, when we got there (100 and something kms from Pavia), the ref confirmed that there should be at least 12 players to start the game, and he stated our defeat without even playing. I was so angry at our CD!

Anyway, I managed to organise a friendly game with our hosts, who have been very friendly and helpful. They gave us 4 boys and we played a 3 “halves” game.

The first “half” was a disaster. They looked like they were a bit confused. The second “half” was much much better. Our Captain and lose-head prop, Luca, had a brillant intuition: scrum (no contest) at 10 mt from the opposition try line, he moved to Number 8, caught the ball and went straight to the in-goal area and scored a try, and broke the ice! Four other tries followed, and despite our opponents scored more, I’m quite satisfied with how the guys reacted.

In the third “half” they were exhausted but found the strenght to go and score a late try.

Of course there’s a lot to work on, and of course this was far from being the ideal XV, but I’m very happy with their commitment, and I was delighted with our Captain’s behaviour: he really led by example.


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