Posted by: fiore | September 18, 2007

Which was my goal?

The first impression, after my training session last Friday, was that I could have done much better. The second one was that of course I could have done better but… which was my main goal of the training?

I had to deal with 18 teenage boys, ganing their respect and keeping them focused.

Dealing with them has not been very easy but I was prepared to be a bit severe, not letting them going too far with silly manners. Gaining their respect… well this is something you don’t do overnight, it is a long process, but at least I’ve been glad to see that they followed me and did what I asked them to do. Keeping them focused… I actually made them run so much, and kept the downtime to the minimum, that they had a very little chance to distract from what they were doing.

So, as this was my goal for the training I must say that I succeeded in it.

As for the “technical” side, well that’s another story. I’m not completely satisfied but at least I tried to make them run a lot with ball in hands, to improve their stamina and familiarizing with the ball, and of course I made them play some Rugby!

Fortunately in this training I’ve been helped by Marco, their former Coach, who gave me some precious technical and managing advices. He’s a great guy who has always took his job seriously. I could learn a lot from him and he has my admiration for what he has done in the past two years. I hope he’ll join me in the future for other training sessions.


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