Posted by: fiore | September 12, 2007

Is Rugby fun?

fischietto.gifSo finally the day has come, and yesterday I had my first training session with my new Under 15 team. Well, technically it wasn’t *my* training session, because I’m just the Assistent Coach, so I spent most of the time on the sideline watching almost useless and what’s worse, pretty astonished by my colleague’s approach to the session: he made the boys run for half of the time, and then he made them play a touch game.

Well, if for the second part of the training I may find myself agreeing with the Head Coach, I’m not sure for the first part: annoying the boys to death with running around the pitch in the first training of the season, is not very appealing for them, especially the new ones. I think there are much better ways to improve their stamina.

Anyway, next Friday I’ll be in charge of the training session, because he’s away. If on one side I’m pissed off because we have just begun the season and he’s already off work, on the other hand I’m happy because at least I can organise a proper training and most of all I really think I can do better than this!

Actually doing worse is quite difficult.

On a positive note, the boys seem to have accepted my presence gladly, which I am very happy of!


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