Posted by: fiore | September 6, 2007

Allblacks: fun and commitment

Who knows a bit about Rugby is well aware of the big importance it has in New Zealand: it is not just a sport, it is a religion, and the Allblacks are not simply sportsmen, but role models. They are the most famous Rugby team in the world and their strenght, ability, commitment are well known. The talent, the dedication and the in-depth approach to the training sessions have put them to the top of rugby world. But it’s not all sweat, tears and pain… there’s also room for fun, laughters and jokes.


The training methods are various, and apparently never boring! Leaping-frog, wearing an eye patch, wrestling and competing in a tug of war, seem to be a relevant part of their schedule. I have always been fascinated by these “recreational” aspects of their training, which you never expect from a team of professional players.

The message is clear: don’t forget that Rugby is fun… at every level.

Training is not a punishment, so there’s no point at it being boring. It is up to the coach to keep it fun and interesting. The idea that a fruitful training should be serious or boring clashes with the entire philosophy of the sport.





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