Posted by: fiore | August 6, 2007

The basics (the tackle)

Last weekend I begun with a review of my old notes from the coaching course and other stuff as a preparation to my new rugby commitment.

I got, from a friend, an interesting CD by the NZRU, with the basic of the skills, and I decided to face the “tackle” first: technique, drills, mental approch, common mistakes, issues and anything concerning it.

In my sporting career, which has spread thourgh different disciplines (judo, tennis, baskeball, etc…) I’ve learnt the importance of a solid base techninque and the repetition of the gestures. It also has been very useful to have a kind of check-list to follow…

So, here is a check-list for the perfect Tackle technique, or at least… the 15 things TO DO to succeed with the tackle:

1. sight target

2. position inside the ball-carrier

3. run in pre-tackle stance

4. chin up, eyes open

5. back straight

6. hands above hips

7. go forward

8. zero on target

9. drive with legs

10. firm contact with the shoulder

11. bead behind ball-carrier’s body

12. lock on with arms

13. continue power drive

14. regain feet

15. recover ball.

It is of capital importance to remind always that tackling is just a means which will take us to regain the ball for us to counter-attack and go to score a try. This is why we tackle.

Borthwick tackled

Steve Borthwick, Bath’s Captain, being tackled by Michel Dieude, during the European Challange Cup final with Clermont Auvergne


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