Posted by: fiore | July 12, 2007

The appointment

So, yesterday I got my official appointment as assistant coach for my club Under 15 team for next season. I’ll be working with a young English guy named Peter, who studies in Italy and plays for our senior team. He has excellent abilities as a coach (we actually attended to the First Level course together few years ago), and a deep knowledge of the game and skills. He plays scrum half, stand-off and center, which is good because I spent almost all of my rugby in the front-row as tighthead prop, with only a couple of games at inside-center, so I think we will be perfectly balanced: he’ll be looking after the backs and I’ll be in charge of the forwards. Or at least this is my idea. We still have to discuss about how we are going to make this partnership work, but I think we have the same approach to coaching and we have already agreed to meet before the beginning of the season to plan our training schedule. Of course, in the end, he’s in charge but I’m sure I’ll be able to give my contribution to the cause. Anyway, he’s off to England for Summer holidays, but will be back in September, so in the meanwhile, I’ll have plenty of time to freshen up all I’ve learnt at coaching courses and to study the tons of training aids I’ve collected or I’ve been given from fellow coaches, through the years.



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